Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


Six Sigma BlackBelt Certification Program




This course is designed for individuals from diverse organizational functions—operations, quality, logistics, finance, production, engineering, and other staff functions seeking to bring significant business results to their organizations. Participants are traditionally well versed in technical aspects of their jobs, are team leaders, and are effective project facilitators


Why Six Sigma Training?

 The Six Sigma methodology is a systematic application that is focused on achieving significant financial results and increasing customer satisfaction. When properly deployed on carefully selected business projects, this methodology can lead to a significant reduction—and in many cases, elimination—of defects, process waste, and out-of-control processes, which translate into dramatic business gains.

This Black Belt course provides a comprehensive and disciplined model for improvement. Every participant will learn how to meet his or her company’s business objectives through the recognized DMAIC process. Attendees will learn how to direct Lean Six Sigma projects and obtain the maximum improvements from the learned techniques and skills. This course is conducted in four five-day sessions with four weeks between sessions.

Learned skills are practiced and applied through individual and team exercises, as well as to the individual projects. Participants will be able to apply the concepts learned in the class to a business improvement project assigned to them by their management sponsor


CSU-BTLGI program advantage


Convenient and Flexible options:


  • On campus at CSU-Dayton. Select your preferred venue:
    • Convenient and Flexible options:

      • On campus at CSU-Dayton. Select your preferred venue:
        • 1) Fast-paced 5 day class
        • 2) Full day Saturday - 5 Saturdays
        • 3) Flex Option: First and last class Face to Face and remainder are online classes
        • 4)Online class: Online with weekly live webinars or complete online


Affordable: It is one of the best values for Project Management training in the market. The course fee is priced right, especially compared to other available options.


Quality outcome: The course are taught by certified instructors with a deep background in both industry and academia. You will receive course a completion certificate with educational credits from BTL Global Institute and continuing educational credits from Central State University.

It is required to pass the BTL Global Six Sigma Black Belt exam , and prove competency to complete a project  to  get Six Sigma Black Belt certification. No additonal fee for this exam.


Networking: Free enrollment option to BTL Connect networking and free BTL 360 test.


Program Description


    • Six Sigma Black Belt Training Objectives:

      • Achieve significant improvements in critical business processes.
      • Apply statistical and problem solving tools to an improvement project brought to class on the first day.
      • Reduce process variation.
      • Eliminate defects by applying Six Sigma.
      • Collect, analyze, and quantify data that enable process improvements.
      • Learn how to execute the Six Sigma methodology
      • Establish and define process capability.
      • Identify and eliminate dominant process variation sources.
      • Characterize and optimize processes by computing and applying statistical techniques.
      • Design, simulate, and execute designed experiments that depict validated improvement.
      • Learn how to plan and implement process control to hold project gains.




Program Dates / Locations


Option1: Fridays - 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM starting 11/10/2017 to 12/08/2017

 Option2:  Five full day boot camp: 12/04/2017 to 12/08/2017

 Option3: Flex program: First meeting: CSU Dayton on 11/10/17  and last meeting on 12/08/17 respectively . Remaining sessions are online with weekly live class webinars

 Option 4: Complete the course online with weekly live class webinars starting from 11/06/2017 to 12/10/2017 .

 Program Fee

 Fee: $3500. If eligible, a $ 500 Experience Credit or Need Scholarship will be applied, and an introductory scholarship of 1500,  bringing the fee to $1500. Class fees cover tuition, instructional materials, textbooks, free parking and lunch (for on-site meetings).

 Note: You may be eligible for $500 experience credit or need scholarship, and $1500 Intoductory partnership scholaship.  Please ask during registration

 For complete course details and registration fill the enquiry  form at contact and include PMP Exam Prep in the message field

 Or contact: support@btlglobal.org

 Phone: 513 884 9945 or 1-877-MY BTLG 7 ( 1-877-692-8547)