BTL Global Institute

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BTL Global Institute is a global research and training institute, committed to innovations in Business, Technology and Leadership. BTL Global Institute was founded by team of practitioners with deep industry background and academic researches, professors to bridge the gap between theory and practice in Business, Technology and Leadership Pillars. We have offices in North America and affiliate offices in Asia.

BTL Global Institute delivers value through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research. BTL Global helps to improve individual and organizational success through delivering actionable insights, innovative tools, analytics, services and trainings.

Our Vision

Learn, research, develop and share knowledge and best practices with individuals and organizations to utilize full potential and to achieve long term success.

Our Mission

To foster innovations in Business, Technology and Leadership, develop insights, tools, best practices and share with individuals and organizations globally by:

 •         Conducting research and advocate practical research in business, technology and leadership to achieve actionable results

•          Helping individuals, organizations in developing sustainable strategy, SWOTT analysis, market deep drive, value steam mapping, industry analysis, core strength analysis, study markets, micro and macroeconomic environments and trends, and emerging best practices.

•          Helping individuals develop personal strategy, understand personal driving force, career planning and to develop career oriented business, technology and leadership skills based on the inner driving force. Help organizations to evaluate, assess work force, develop forward looking work force, develop organization specific business, technology and Leadership skills   and to create leadership pipeline.

•          Helping education institutionss develop market oriented trainings, professional development opportunities, and to develop  market demanding courses/programs.

•          Building a community of industry specific practitioners to innovate and share business, technology and leadership best practices.

Our Values

We govern by value driven ethical leadership. Knowledge and attitude is the key differentiator. The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability.  Suppliers, customers and employees are our extended family. We Strive for partnership and Win-Win situations.